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Virtual nutrition services for corporate health

Virtual Nutrition Services

It is more important than ever to be as healthy as you can be. Now is the time to take your nutritional wellness seriously. Did you know that most of the comorbidities that influence the severity and outcome of Covid-19 can be prevented and/or managed by following a healthy lifestyle? Losing weight, controlling your blood pressure and managing your blood glucose levels are always important, but even more so now. Give your staff the help they need to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes.


Nutrition services for corporate health

Mini Nutrition Makeover

A 4-week program for individuals who need some guidance for following a healthy diet.
Week 1: Online assessment & Mini personalized diet plan
Week 2: Healthy eating the Mediterranean way
Week 3: Portions: getting them right
Week 4: Eating out, celebrations and convenience meals

Healthy Office Cookbook

Personalize your office health by creating your own Healthy Office Cookbook.
Staff members submit their favourite recipes to be analysed by the dietician to determine their nutritional value. The less healthy recipes will be adjusted to make them healthier (but still delicious 😉). The recipes will be collated into an e-Recipe Book for all to enjoy

Nutrition Bites Newsletter

Start the next 4 months with a healthy nutrition bite. One central topic plus other useful nutrition information sent to your inbox.
September: Healthy eating the Mediterranean way
October: Don’t drink your calories
November: How to spot a fad diet
December: Eating out, celebrations and convenience meals


1-hour live online presentation (45-minute talk plus 15 minutes for Q & A.
Pick your topic:
  • #Health talk: The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy eating the Mediterranean Way
  • Eating for a healthy immune system
  • Decoding food labels
  • Lunch on the go
  • Pick your own topic

Wellness Challenges

A little healthy competition goes a long way to helping people achieve their lifestyle goals. Get everyone involved in some fun wellness challenges with weekly round ups and nutrition support. Pick your challenge:
  • 8 glasses a day
  • 5 veg a day
  • Meat-free Mondays
  • Count your steps
  • Breakfast like a king
  • Meal planning pro
  • Meal prep Sundays
  • Eat more whole food
  • Eat at the table
  • Try a new recipe
  • Eat more beans
  • Eat your greens

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