Wellness Makeovers

Makeovers are not reserved only for clothes and makeup. A Wellness Makeover addresses the core of what is making you feel less than awesome.

Nutrition is the foundation of our health.

If we address our nutritional concerns, and make lifestyle changes that improve our general health, we feel better and look better and we have more energy than we know what to do with.

The Wellness Makeover is a group programme to help staff members incorporate all of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle into their daily lives. The programme runs over 12 weeks, with weigh-ins and a talk every second week. The length of the programme can be adapted according the client’s needs. The focus is on diet and nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.

The programme is for everyone:
  • Healthy people who wish to remain healthy.
  • People who want to lose weight.
  • People who need to manage conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Talks and demonstrations
A series of talks is offered as part of the Wellness Makeover Programme. Below are some suggested topics. The topics can be modified according to the members’ interests and requirements.
  • Carbohydrates: Do we need them?
  • Eat more plants for health and weight loss
  • Practical tips for meal planning and preparation
  • Convenience foods, eating out and celebrations
  • Weight loss success: It’s not just about the food
  • Exercise: Get moving!
  • Understanding food labels
  • Behaviour modification and goal setting
  • Portion control

Demonstrations can be included in place of or in conjunction with a talk. Suggested demonstrations include:
  • Smoothies
  • Lunchboxes
  • Salad as a main meal

Information pamphlets will be handed out, or emails sent as a reminder of what is covered in each talk and/or demonstration

Diet plans
There is an option for everyone interested in attending the group meetings to have a personalized diet plan calculated for them. The diet plans are based on each person’s calculated energy requirements, medical needs and personal preferences. The procedure for the diet plan is:
  1. On-site measurements – height, weight and body composition
  2. Online nutrition assessment
  3. Diet plan will be emailed to each member

Support is an important part of making and maintaining lifestyle changes. By participating in a group programme, staff members have the benefit of having each other to lean on. Having a dietician to talk to every week, or every second week also ensures that it is easier to stay on track by having any questions and/or struggles addressed early on.

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