Nutrition Talks

Invite the Wellness Dietician to talk to your staff about the exciting, yet often confusing topic of nutrition.
When it comes to nutrition everyone considers themselves to be an expert. Whether it is for weight loss or health, everyone has an opinion. As an expert in the field of diet and nutrition, a dietician is trained to critically asses nutrition information and claims, and make sense of the advice and opinions that are so freely available in popular media.

The Wellness Dietician offers 1-hour nutrition talks covering all aspects of healthy eating, which can be tailored to your staff's needs and interests.

  1. #Health Talk
  2. Lunch on the Go
  3. Eating for Immunity
  4. Making Sense of Food Labels
  5. Weight Loss Diets: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  6. What's the Deal with Carbs?
  7. Family Meal Planning
  8. Plant-Based Lifestyle
  9. Practical Tips for Meal Preparation

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